Other stuff broken since May2nd-ish

  • I saw the other thread that the issues picked up were taken care of.

    Unfortunately I'm still having issues, since that timeframe, some of which I finally managed to get some additional info on today as I got lucky and caught it between the initial failure and it completely dying to the point where SSH and even a keyboard plugged into the box doesn't work (yet it still shunted traffic around just fine so web access stayed fine until a client put in a DHCP request.)

    When it fails, the DHCP server seems to stop responding to requests and so far I can't see there's nothing in the log and the process appears to be alive - I'm not sure if it's related but a php process maxes out a core and cannot be killed.  Even kill -9 doesn't help it.  I have a feeling it's a pfBlocker process but I'm not sure if the dhcp server behaviour is related or not.

    If I try to shutdown from SSH or the terminal the php process doesn't die, and the system recommends I do ps axl if I try to restart and I have to power down the box to get it to restart, which is obviously not ideal.

    To top it off, unbound doesn't come up when I reboot.

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