Poorman's TWC pFSense with Laptop 1 Physical NIC & 2 Virtual NIC with DDWRT router

  • Currently stuck, trying to create a virtual pfsense box to work with just 2 Virtual NICs under HyperV.

    Maybe I need to create VLANs but, TWC is my ISP and they locks to the MAC cloned address from the DDWRT router.

    I'm trying to get all traffic coming in and going out to the internet run through the pFSense server. (going to enable snort in the future)

    I was thinking of sandwiching the pFserver between 2 virtual bridges in DDWRT

    br0 [] gateway to modem
    [pfsense hyperv WAN/LAN virtual interface]
    br1 [] local lan & wifi

    Here is a network diagram I made as detail as possible:
    alt text

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