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  • Dear All,

    Hope someone can help me in this forum, it's been a month now and I'm still thinking who is causing a high interference with our wifi. Everyday Mon-Fri starting from 8 am to 6 pm the connection is unstable. When doing a ping test I am always getting a 1000+ ms, sometimes it even goes higher to 3000ms. Our device is a 3 in 1 combo(router, bridge, access point), Asus RT-N14UHP. As per finding a solution in google, I've already adjusted the channel bandwidth to 20 MHz but still getting a high ping. My temporary solution, for now, is to change the channel manually. I also forgot, when we are in a AP mode that's the time we are getting the high ping, unstable connection. But when in router mode, our wifi connection is smooth and steady.


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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding but wouldn't an Asus forum be more appropriate for your question?

    Sounds like you have an interference problem.

    You'll need to get some sort of Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer and change channels maybe.

    That is a 2.4GHz-only wireless device. That band has long been congested and is only getting worse. You might want to upgrade to something that also does 5GHz.

  • @derelict is this a hardware issue?

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    If I had to guess there is someone else on 2.4GHz during those hours who is clobbering you / interfering.

    If I had to guess it is a hardware issue since that hardware does not support the other, less-congested band with more channels to choose from.

  • @derelict many employees are using their mobile data on their smartphones, the area has a good LTE signal.

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    2.4GHz wi-fi has nothing to do with LTE. You might want to do some search engine searching on 2.4GHz interference.

  • @derelict how about wifi sharing? smartphone acting as a wifi router.

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    ANY additional 2.4GHz gear has the potential to interfere. You need to hire a 2.4GHz professional to survey your environment.

    Pro tip: moving to 5GHz is probably cheaper.

    Another pro tip: If Wi-Fi performance is important to your business, hire a professional.

    Yet another pro tip: This has nothing to do with pfSense.

  • @derelict thanks for the tip, yup I know that's why I posted it in the general discussion but I don't know why
    it appears to a different section of the forum.

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