cannot install pfsense correctly with Vmware

  • Hello experts, I am building an architecture for a web security Lab, I want to install pfsense on Vmware with two interfaces then do the NAT for the web server.
    My configuration is LAN, WAN
    For the LAN I configured the Vmnet0 bridge interface with a Microsoft loopback card and for the WAN bridge with a Microsoft loopback card # 2.
    I give the IP address for the first card (LAN) and for the second card (WAN).
    Then I tried to make a Port Forwording for the web server with the address
    My problem is that nothing works and nothing is correct even when I tried to install the snort package I can not find any package ... how can I complete this architecture please help me.
    you will find a simplified image for my lab..
    6_1527476387625_Probleme package.PNG 5_1527476387625_configuration machine Vmware.PNG 4_1527476387625_configuration interface Vmnet.PNG 3_1527476387624_conf pfsense.PNG 2_1527476387624_carte de bouclage microsoft.PNG 1_1527476387624_carte de bouclage microsoft #2.PNG 0_1527476387624_architecture simplifié.png

  • @Derelict can you help me please

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