Clamd Stopping - Kernel (clamd) exited on Signal 10

  • Hi all,

    I have similar problem with clamd as described in topic:

    We have a pfsense on SG-3100 (2G RAM) appliance and every day we have problem with clam daemon which randomly stop (knocking out squid) and need restarting.
    From the logging we are getting the below message from the system:

    May 28 07:46:59 kernel pid 88718 (clamd), uid 106: exited on signal 10

    I use the Service Watchdog package to restart clamd if it stops, but after that squid runs improperlly (not always ) (in squid access table we have TCP_NONE/500 so there is no Internet for users in browsers - redirection to squid page with icap error).

    When AV is disabled squid works perfectly.
    From fleshclam table a I got info
    WARNING: Local version: 0.99.4 Recommended version: 0.100.0

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Is it problem with to low RAM? Maybe problem with hardware?
    Any pointers on this would be great.

    On LAN we have max 25 users and services dhcpd, dpinger, ligsquid_web, ntopng, ntpd, openvpn, squid, sshd, syslogd, unboiund and watchdog)
    Memory usage is 25%.

    pfSense version
    2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (arm)
    built on Thu May 10 15:59:52 CDT 2018
    FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p10

    Many thanks for any suggestions


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