captive portal logout not popping out

  • i have checked the popup logout page on setup but even if user login, the logout popup doesnt show. im on latest pfsense version.

  • The pop up pop’s up if you instruct your browser to accept pop-ups.
    These days, everybody has set that option to “off” (you included, apparently) because it can be very annoying.

    … and now you are asking why this browser option … works well - doesn’t work … ?

    You can’t do anything about that - except maybe asking on the captive portal login screen that visitors should re-activate pop ups in their browser, or at that they should at least accept popups from the captive portal IP. ( they won’t do so any away - tried that before, and believe me : they just don’t).

    I had a “final” solution ones : throwing the captive portal login page into a popup. No one could login anymore of course and vocal fallout settled down on my desk. I was answering : “You want to login, ok, you accept popup first” … When some clients managed to login, by accepting my pop ups, they did receive the logout pop up !

    I advise you not to do the same thing, except if your are willing to see any angry visitors.
    A pop up to logout is a nice thing to have - but it exists merely in theory, not in the reality.

  • may I also know how I can do manual logout

  • Short answer : you can’t.
    Only the popup solution could assure a way for the visitor to do so.

    If visitors remove the connection, like shutting down the wifi, and you chose a low idle-time out, say 5 minutes, visitors will be removed quickly.

    Btw : - I’m using 120 minutes idle time out.

  • i would like to create a manual page to make popup for logout appear so i need to know what is that html or php file for that logout page.

  • If you insist : - a very long discussion with code examples is there.
    This will be a do yourself it solution (praise the lord the authors didn’t rewrote the whole part in perl yet ^^ - PHP is sooooooo easy).
    Be warned : you will have to add some functions, apply some code changes - and redo these edits when you upgrade.

  • Gertjan, thanks for that thread link. that talks about modifying the code. no, i dont want to modify the code, what i just want to know is what code that will open up the logout page so that i will create my own php logout page with that code to open the actual logout form. that way i wont modify any actual original pfsense code for that matter. thanks again.

  • thanks, I will study it


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