SitetoSite and RoadWarrior Communication?

  • Hi guys.

    I have 3 networks connected with pfsense-openvpn site to site.

    pf1 server (

    No issue here, I can surf between the entire network.

    Now, I need to add a RoadWarrior for some users, I have setup everything on the server, I can connected to the network and access all the resources on my server network(

    But I cannot jump to the other networks(client1/cliente2), I had try different settings but nothing help.

    Is possible to do this or I need to setup the roadwarrior on each network?

    Running pfsese 2.4.3.x, thanks.

  • You have to configure the OpenVPN-routing:

    On the road-warrior server, assuming you're pushing routes, add all LANs to the "Local Networks" box.
    On each site-to-site client add the road-warrior tunnel network to the "Remote Networks".

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    The RoadWarrior tunnel u mean, the virtual network I chose like for my ovpn tunnel??? or the private networks he can be behind?

  • The tunnel network you've stated in the server settings.

  • @periko said in SitetoSite and RoadWarrior Communication?:

    viragoman is working, thanks for your great help!!!

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