Solved TCP/UDP: Incoming packet rejected from [AF_INET]

  • hello!

    After create a vpn we receive this error:

    TCP/UDP: Incoming packet rejected from [AF_INETexpected peer address: [AF_INET]public-IP(200....):1194 (allow this incoming source address/port by removing --remote or adding --float)

    Someone know how to fix this?
    What is wrong config?

    Thanks for attention and help


  • Add the directive
    to server and client(s) config.
    Possibly there`s a check box available in the server and/or client export package.

  • Hello All
    The error was on Firewall-Wan-Rule Protocol for openvpn. The wizard selected the "any" protocol. So, change to "UDP"
    Now works fine

    Thanks attention and help


  • That`s odd .....

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what version of pfsense are you running - I thought there was a bug report about firewall rules created for openvpn being incorrect.. But that was corrected..

    But it was using tcp4 vs tcp.. I just ran through the wizard and created a new udp server and it did not create any rule.. It created correct UDP with port and ipv4


    Running 2.4.3p1

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