PfRoadWarrior + PfSite2Site communication with other Site2Site Networks.

  • I have a strange case, I had draw the network topology.
    Please see picture.

    The case is that we setup a extra pf just for the RoadWarrior stuff, but the RW user can only see that network(

    Because the other sites are manage by other pf machine in the same network.

    We have some reason for this network.

    My question is, base on my network design, how can I enable my RoadWarrior(if is possible) to access the networks from the others sites manage by other Pf?

    I have enable routes in my pf-RoadWarrior:
    pf-server gw -> other networks.

    But is not working.

    Any tip about I will appreciated, thanks.


    Pfsense 2.4.3.x

  • Start from checking the actual routing tables on the routers and PCs.

  • That's possible though by adding routes, however, I'm wondering how your road-warriors can communicat with LAN devices when your LAN use another pfSense as default gateway. To you use TAP mode or NAT?

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