Setup an IPSec VPN with the information provided - (SOLVED)

  • Hello,

    I do IT support for a small office and so far I do well. However, now I am required to setup an IPSec VPN and I have no experience in setting one up. I don't even know if I'm inputting the correct information because I cannot make perfect sense of the documents provided by the company.

    I would like someone with experience setting up an IPSec VPN to help me out. I really need this done ASAP as I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out on my own and wasted two weeks with no success.

    I will pay via Paypal or other agreeable forms of payment (I can do cryptocurrency if requested).

    Update: I FIXED IT! Turns out there were issues on both ends. I enabled AH when I should've left it at ESP, thinking it would require less authentication. On their end, they had to completely rebuild the tunnel, twice! Didn't have to do that with pfSense :D

    Thanks for the encouragement. I felt the pressure during the past three weeks to get this done and it was seriously stressing me out. And now, I feel relieved. Thanks again! :)



  • @r-mana Are you setting up a an IPSEC connection for clients to connect to you, or between two sites?

  • Take a deep breath. IPsec can be frustrating, but it's not that hard. Typically, the people you are working with will provide you with the parameters- their IP, a pre-shared key, The P1 alogorithm, hash, etc. You add a new phase one under VPN/IPsec and plug the info in. The phase 2 consists of the network on your side (typically your lan) and their side that are reachable via the tunnel. Do a best effort configuration, then get the IT person from the other company on the phone to go over the settings if it doesn't come up. That way you will learn something instead of paying someone to do it for you.