Incoming port 80, 25 & 443 sent across OpenVPN to alternate location...

  • I would like to setup a server on my home network which is a typical residential connection where ports 80 and 25 are blocked. I have pfSense on my home network as well as my office. My office has a business Internet service where all ports are available. At the office we do not use nor need ports 80, 25 or 443, we don’t host any servers. I have a domain which I can have the DNS point to my office static IP address but would like the incoming activity on the above ports sent to my home server across OpenVPN.

    If someone can give me some pointers on how to set this up I’d be very grateful.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The images are gone for the time being at least but see the post regarding ssh here:

    The key is you need an assigned interface on the side with the server that is receiving the connections and the rules that pass the traffic MUST NOT match the rules on the OpenVPN tab. They must match the rules on the assigned interface tab or you will not get reply-to so you won't have good two-way traffic.

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