first steps with HA: where to put VLANs?

  • Set up my second HA-cluster today ... looks great.
    For the project I work on I will have to provide VLANs on the LAN side and I wonder how to set that up on a CARP-cluster.

    I could only assign VLANs to the LAN interface on the primary, is that OK?
    Do I have to do that manually on both nodes in a way?

    Any pointers? the pfsense book didn't tell me much here.
    thanks in advance ..

  • It's just like physical interfaces- each pfsense box needs a unique IP on each vlan.
    e.g- vlan 10 primary secondary carp
    vlan 20 primary secondary carp
    On the switch side, both boxes would need to be connected to a vlan trunk carrying all the tagged vlans.

  • hm, I think I understand ;-) will try asap on my test boxes -> thanks!

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    New category, yo.

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    @sgw As you were guessing: create the VLAN(s) on both nodes of the cluster, setup a CARP VIP for that VLAN and just treat it like another physical "LAN" interface in any regard, then you're good to go.


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