Better visibility of pinned messages

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    Just skipped through a few subforums and recognized I don't find it that easy to recognize the stickies. The pin is OK, but as there are no other visual divider I was wondering why that old topics were right on top - then recognizing them by the pin. Perhaps we can make the background color of the row with the sticky a light gray instead of white so to better clarify that those are pinned topics :)

  • @jegr I agree, at first I thought it must have been an import error when the new forum was set up, then I noticed the pin on the side. A light background color on these posts would be perfect.

  • +1 from me.
    Initially I thought the sort newest msgs first wasn't working on a number of the subforums, then I realized that the stickies were first and then the messages. Gets a bit awkward to read forums with extensive stickies.

    I vote for better separation.

  • @jegr said in Better visibility of pinned messages:

    Perhaps we can make the background color of the row with the sticky a light gray

    Please, don't fiddle around with the color schemes!
    I set the forum to display in "Slate" for me. I just can't stand the all-white backgrounds. But this theme already has some problems in itself and I expect them to grow if someone makes changes like that. Or check with all those skins...

  • Perhaps it would be possible to change the user picture associated with "pinned" messages?

    A particularly distinctive symbol at the start of those messages might be sufficient.
    For eg. Jimp's user picture is quite distinctive and shows up well across different themes.
    It might involve changing the user associated with stickies?

    I agree on the colour issues, I use the slate theme as well and have noticed a number of "White text on light background" notifications that are essentially unreadable to me.

    More teething pains.....

  • I'm not sure why something like "slate" is offered since it shows some nasty color combinations.
    0_1528064991576_Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-03 um 17.32.48.png
    So if someone fiddles around with the colors it's probably not getting any better...

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    So if someone fiddles around with the colors it’s probably not getting any better…

    As I understand the Skins/Themes, one would only fiddle around in the default skin for that. Others would have to be manually added. But as those probably use some CSS classing (I hope!) that should be possible.

    I'd also like something like a dark-default theme but perhaps not so dark as slate. But something along the lines of Solarized/Solarized Dark. So that one has the option to have a light and a dark version without the light one being "white only".

    Something like this palette:

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