OpenVPN works fine but torrents crawling

  • I have a SG-3100 with Openvpn configured for PIA thus;

    The OpenVPN works fine.

    1. Using Tixati the torrents crawl. I have read the port forwarding tutorials but don't quite get what parameters to punch in and think there may be other issues.

    2. The SG-3100 is The WAN address is It is behind a Huawei HG659 which is the ISPs modem (have to use it for VOIP etc). The HG569 has but interestingly I can't access the HGs dashboard as it times out. From LAN on the Huawei to WAN on the SG-3100.

    3. So please asking for general advice on the setup and getting the torrents to work.

  • A quick Google search for pfSense VPN brings up several guides, although personally I'm still not having any luck getting it to work.

    Bear in mind, you also need your VPN provider to support port forwarding on their side as they typically issue you with a private IP address not a public one.

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