IGMP Proxy to BTTV (UK) Working fine except for corruption on UltraHD Channels - Works fine with provider router.

  • Hi All,

    I have IPTV to BT with IGMP proxy working fine apart from on the UltraHD channels where i get intermittent picture breakup which DOES NOT happen with the ISP provided router.

    (Long shot) Can anyone with BTTV / pfSense / IGMP Proxy in the UK let me know if your UltraHD channels work as expected WITH IGMP Proxy on PfSense?

    I can't see anything being dropped on the firewall, CPU usage is low, i have a load of memory free, the ITPV has a LAN Interface on pfSense dedicated to the service (so multicast or VLAN shouldn't be an issue), this is hosted on an HP server running ESXi.

    Anyone know of any way I can further troubleshoot this?

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