IGMP Proxy is also not working with TELEKOM EntertainmentTV

  • After updrade from 2.3.5-RELEASE-p1 to 2.3.5-RELEASE-p2 IGMP Proxy doesn't work anymore.
    I rolled back to 2.3.5-RELEASE-p1 where it works fine.

  • Hi,

    you have to update your pfSense to version 2.4.x to get igmpproxy work again with DT Entertain.

    BR wkn

  • Update to 2.4.x is not am option because my hardware does not support 64bit.
    For saving our enviroment i will not replace my working firewall.
    So i have to stay on old version.

  • I once brought this to jimp's attention but neither did he work on that package nor did he spread hope anybody would port back the working code from 2.4 into the 2.3 branch.

    IMHO netgate will be relieved when they can finally bury the 2.3 branch. Maintaining this code costs money but doesn't bring any revenue.

  • That's true.

    for me it's hard to understand why stop working IGMP Proxy in p2 because it is only a bugfix release.
    It's time to say goodbye pfsense. To much bug's and to less support.
    There are so many 32bit hardware outside and they have no interest to support an very great community.
    Netgate has only the intention to sell their expensive products.

    So goodbye pfsense

  • @mistergefahrensucher said in IGMP Proxy is also not working with TELEKOM EntertainmentTV:

    To much bug’s and to less support.

    When was the last time you filed a bug repot in Redmine or even contributed to the project in any way - reviewed or even wrote code for instance?

    @mistergefahrensucher said

    Netgate has only the intention to sell their expensive products.

    And McDonalds only wants to sell their expensive food. They don't even offer anything for free, yet I never heard a complaint about them "only wanting to sell their stuff".

    OK, so what have you done for the project other than complaining about it, what's your contribution exactly?

    Louder, I can't hear you ... ah, there was nothing. 👎

  • @mistergefahrensucher

    You should consider, that pfSense is supporting 32bit only for short time in future and 2.3.x will never get any backports, that are not necessary for security reasons or severe errors. Netgate has well-informed about that roadmap, so they have not to be blamed about.

    So, i think it is time to progress with your hardware solution.

    BR wkn

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