How to connect vpn site to site from a remote client?

  • Hello I am jay. I need your help with vpn configuration.
    I want to configure the vpn between various branches.
    I have two questions.

    1. I want to connect to a remote client in addition to site to site so that vpn communication can be made between all branches.
    2. I have a question about how to assign IP to the vpn tunnel interface.

    The VPN configuration is as follows:
    It is now a test environment. It will be used when the test is completed.

    Main Office
    Wan IP
    Lan IP
    Tunnel IP

    B Office
    Wan IP
    Lan IP
    Tunnel IP

    First question:
    In the ideal situation, the main office and the B office
    VPN is connected and there is no communication problem.
    In this situation, I want to connect to vpn as a remote client.
    I set up the Remote Client VPN on the main office VPN server and communicated well with the main office band.
    However, there is no communication with the B SIte Vpn band. How can I resolve this issue?

    P.S In the second question, the problem with ip allocation was to get an ip with a different subnet. In this environment, there is no problem connecting the vpn.

    second question:
    There is a problem with how to allocate the IP of the vpn tunnel section.
    If Tunnel IP is set to, is assigned to the main office and is assigned to the B office.
    In this situation, if the remote client tries to connect, it will get IP
    This will cause problems with VPN communication. Is there a way to manually assign the tunnel interval IP? In other posts, I saw how to enter a subnet of 30.
    Should this be done in this way?
    If so, is routing processing not required?

    I need a lot of help from you. I am looking forward to your kind reply. Thank you very much.

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