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  • I recently upgraded my pfBlockerNG to pfBlockerNG-devel version 2.1.2_2. I had followed a guide I found online previously and created a two feeds and added some lists, and one of them had some miscellaneous links and the second was PiHole. Since upgrading to the development version of pfBlocker, I added the ADs, Malicious, BBcan177, and hpHosts collections. I went through my two previous feeds and removed any duplicate URLs just so I could have complete coverage. I also have added a significant list of domains to the whitelist so that some things continue to work.

    I noticed today that I couldn't get onto Google Sheets, as I was getting a privacy error in Chrome. I checked the Alerts in pfBlockerNG and saw docs.google.com getting blocked by the feed Abuse_urlhaus in DNSBL_Malicious. I went ahead and added it to the whitelist, and it started working again. After a bit, I noticed it stopped working, and I checked Alerts again and I can see it is there but with an unlocked icon. Any idea why it is showing up with an unlocked icon or what I can do to keep it from ending up like this without having to remove the whole Abuse_urlhaus feed?

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    The new DEVEL version has a locked/unlocked feature. This feature can be used to unlock domains or IPs that are blocked to help in debugging blocked domains/IPs. This is useful when debugging since you can relock a domain/IP to be blocked without messing around with the whitelist.

    When you whitelist a domain/IP the previous event will now show as unlocked and it won't relock unless you remove it from the whitelist.

  • Thanks for the response @BBcan17. So I clicked the lock icon to relock the domain, and then I unlocked it again. I then refreshed my Google Spreadsheet tab that was giving me the privacy error, and it loaded up fine. Any idea why that would cause Google Docs to start working again even though it was whitelisted?

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    @telecomguy you have to clear your browser and OS DNS cache between these events or wait for the TTL to expire.

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