Reverse Proxy and javascript

  • Hi,

    My understanding of reverse proxies is not 100%, but I have installed the squid3 package to try and allow subdomains to be directed to hosts by their port number. My setup is as follows:

    Home LAN with servers (e.g. Plex) connected via pfSense box as an OpenVPN client to a VPS hosting pfSense, acting as an OpenVPN server.

    I have my domain configured to point to my public VPS and can successfully NAT from the VPS to devices in my home LAN.

    The issue is, when I set up Squid reverse proxy, a subdomain does successfully reach the desired home LAN server, but it appears that javascripts elements do not make it through the proxy? When requesting my plex server, I just see a white screen. When trying to look a browser based VNC session, the developer tools in my Chrome browser reports that for xterm.js, the handshake for Websocket failed with error 200

    Does anyone know what I need to do to allow these elements to go through the squid proxy successfully? Many thanks

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