Pia port forwarding

  • About to pull my hair out trying to get PIA port forwarding set up. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have spent 8-10 hours trying different write ups but cant get a single one to work.

    I currently have a very simple setup with PIA as its own interface and just need to forward a single port to a device behind it.

  • Would need more info to offer more targeted troubleshooting help, but a few gotchas that I've seen and learned:

    • Once you assign the tunnel to an interface, make sure you bounce the tunnel afterward

    • If you're running a remote access server, edit the rules on your OpenVPN tab so the source address is explicit to your tunnel network. Otherwise, incoming traffic will match on the wrong interface. In other words, if there's an any/any rule on your OpenVPN tab, either remove it or modify it so the source address is explicit to the other services you are trying to run (e.g. a remote access server or another tunnel)

    • Verify your Outbound NAT mode is in either Hybrid or Manual and that you have NAT mappings NAT'ing egress traffic to the PIA address on the PIA interface.

    • Verify your port forwards are configured on the PIA interface and have a Destination Address of your PIA address

    • Verify the policy routing rule on your LAN tab is configured with the correct source address, has the PIA gateway and is above your LANnet/any (or any/any) rule that would otherwise send the traffic out the default gateway.

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