Problem Uninstalling/Installing Squid|Guard Proxy

  • Hi Guys!

    Am having problem installing my squidguard proxy. I already installed this before but uninstalled it for testing purposes. Now, when I installed it again, I did not encountered any error. It also displayed that the installation was successful. But you can see that squidguard did not appear in the Services tab. Also in my packages installed.

    Please see the images:0_1528335518852_SquidGuard.PNG

  • Which version of pfSense is this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You will not get anything to work properly when running a version that outdated.

    Remove all packages. Backup config.xml. Reinstall with 2.4.3. Restore configuration. Reinstall packages.

    If your hardware is i386 and won't take 2.4.3, at least install 2.3.5.

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