Switching from Squid/Squid Guard to pfBlockerNG

  • I am seriously considering switching from Squid/Squid Guard to pfBlockerNG. Does anyone have any pointer or things to watch out for when do this?

    Here is all the things I can think of that I need to do before switching:

    • Remove Host Overrides
    • Flush the Squid Cache first
    • Remove squid related firewall rules
    • Remove/backup all WPAD files
    • Remove "Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options"
    • Remove Lightsquid
    • Save a copy of my advanced .conf files in SquidClam
    • Remove /var/unbound/forcegoogle.conf
    • Remove: Services/DNS/Resolver/General Settings
      “server: include: /var/unbound/forcegoogle.conf”

  • Squid doesn't add any overrides AFAIK, and its rules are hidden and removed automatically.

  • Cool, thanks..

    (I added some overrides manually so thats why its on the list..)

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