VOIP traffic shaping in VPN?

  • Gone through many many posts…  Have not found one which states specifically if this is possible.  Some posts say see 1.3 for VOIP traffic shaping in VPN IPSEC tunnels but 1.3 is now 2.0.  1.2.2 does not seem to be able to do it but I just upgraded to 1.2.3 and now traffic shaping of VOIP in IPSEC is working.  I would really appreciate if someone could lead me to where their is clear info on if this is correct or not.


  • AFAIK the patch that allows shaping inside VPN is present on the current builds (1.2.3) not really followed if it has been present on previous releases.
    So yes shaping inside VPN would work correctly.

  • Forgot to static assign IP for phone.  Noticed it was not working.  So I statically assigned IP via DHCP/MAC to phone and modified aliase used for phone.  Now voip queu does not show activity when making calls.  This is after I changed the IP in the aliase to reflect the new IP and performed a reboot.

  • Traffic shaper Queues locks up web page for pfsense.  Even tried reloading queues.  Now nothing is responding.  After about 5 minutes finally able to log back into web gui.  /status_queues.php completely unresponsive.  Only option is to reboot via SSH or wait another 5 minutes and reboot via web gui.

  • Also after reboot /status_queues.php page does not load at all now and locks up interface.

  • No I cannot get it to work at all.  ???  Does this mean I need to use 2.0 if I want to be able to prioritize voice traffic in VPN tunnel?

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