FW rule and NAT rule to redirect all traffic from port 80/443 to 3128 (squid proxy) is not working.

  • Hello,
    I have 3 interfaces on my pfsense 1 LAN and 2 for WAN (WAN1 and WAN2 respectively). I have installed squid proxy and squid guard packages to setup proxy. Which is running fine when I manually insert firewall ip and 3128 port number (which is default port for squid proxy). As per my setup I cannot use trasperant proxy setting nor WPAD. So, want to set firewall rules to divert all traffic form port 80/443 to 3128. But it is now working out for me.
    I have added below rules under "Firewall > NAT > Port Forward"

    interface = LAN
    source = any
    source port = any
    Destination = any
    Destination port = 80
    Redirect port = (which is my firewall ip)
    Redirect target port = 3128 (squid proxy port)

    And similar rule for 443 (HTTPS) port

    I have also added rule under "Firewall > Rules > LAN"

    Action = pass
    Interface = LAN
    Address = IPV4
    Protocol = TCP/UDP
    Source = Any
    source port = any
    Destination= This firewall (self)
    Destination Port Range = 3128

    FYI, I am using pfsense version 2.4.3-RELEASE.

    Thanks in advance to all

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