DNSBL Virtual IP takes over BridgeLAN on reboot

  • My pfSense box has a LAN1, LAN2, and a WIFI adapter...those 3 adapters are Bridged together as the LAN under as the pfSense LAN IP ...everything works as expected until I decided to install pfBlockerNG with DNSBL enabled so that I can block ads/malware and various malicious IPs. So I have DNSBL enabled with the built-in Virtual IP function; the Virtual IP is set to ...and DNSBL work great, when I go to a black listed IP I am redirected to the Virtual IP as I should be.

    The problem lies in rebooting the pfSense box..after a reboot the BridgeLAN IP is changed to the DNSBL Virtual IP of ....when this happens I have NO INTERNET connection across the BridgeLAN. When I look at the PC's Ethernet connection details, it lists as the gateway, when it should be
    To resolve this issue, I have to use putty via serial connection to reset the assigned IP from back to, and then I have to restart multiple services such as Unbound, Squid, SquidGuard, and Dansguardian to get an internet connect back on the network...When this issue started, I was abled to login to the webConfigurator by navigating to the DNSBL Virtual IP ..and go into the BridgeLAN interface settings and just RESAVE ...as the would already be listed and I wouldn't have to type anything in...just Save and apply, and then restart the services I listed above...but something has changed and now I can no longer login to the webConfigurator using the Virtual IP, and nothing works until I putty in with serial connection...this is a bit of a nag, and create an issue of not being able to remote to my VPN if I have a power failure because I wouldn't be home to manual reset all of this...

    is this a bug, or do I have something configured wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

  • We don't have much information to debug your problem.
    What pfsense version? what pfblockerNG version? What packages ? etc

    One thing you might try is to go to Diagnostics / Backup & Restore / Config History and check the differences between the config pre and post reboot.

  • 2.2.6-RELEASE (amd64)

    built on Tue Dec 22 16:37:36 CST 2015
    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p25

    pfBlockerNG Security 2.0.6

    other packages installed:
    File Manager
    OpenVPN Client Export Utility
    Service Watchdog

  • Well if there was a bug fix at some point with pfBlockerNG Security 2.0.6 or 2.2.6-RELEASE (amd64) your are probably on your own as you didn't upgrade pfsense since 2016 🙄

  • yeah, the new versions remove the ability to download and run dansguardian...and I have that setup as a parental filter for my kids when they use their devices, which is why I have refrained from upgrading

  • How do I update to the newer version of pfBlockerBG? the only version listed in packages is the version I have installed..is it because I'm on an older version of pfSense or is there a command line I can run?

  • @teknikalcrysis
    The version offered is related to the pfsense version you are using. Maybe it's time to drop dansguardian 😭

  • @ronpfs said in DNSBL Virtual IP takes over BridgeLAN on reboot:

    The version offered is related to the pfsense version you are using. Maybe it's time to drop dansguardian 😭

    I was afraid you were gonna say that...so no possible way to force a package update through command line to update pfblocker (I'm not a very experienced linux user)?

  • I had a spare mSata drive for my pfsense box...so I used that to upgrade and retained a full backup of the older version by swapping the drive... this issue is resolved in the newer version of pfsense

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