Using an alias with ipfw command

  • How ca I use an alias with ipfw ?

    I have something like this :

    ipfw 00002 add fwd 89.xx.xx.xx,port tcp from 89.xx.xx.0/24{22-29,57,59,91,127,131,141,149,204,205,208,248,43} to any dst-port 80 in via bge0 keep-state

    I would like instead of "89.xx.xx.0/24{22-29,57,59,91,127,131,141,149,204,205,208,248,43}" to use an existing alias from gui. Is this possible ?

  • Ehm quite complicated if you mix the rule like this …

    1. You should only be making rules with the webGUI
    2. Do not mix firewall setups.  pf is the firewall used for 99% of everything, you absolutely can and will goof up things if you mix ipfw in.

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