Atheros RX errors are gone

  • Hello,

    I just installed last snapshot of 1.2.3 (pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.3-20090130-1630.tgz) and Atheros RX errors are gone. I'm using D-Link DWL-G520 PCI card with AR5002G chipset. After 3 hours uptime I have only 163/0 (In/out errors).

    Great work!

  • Did you change any settings and did you do an update or an clean install?

    For me its:

    Packets in: 97714
    Errors in: 4163

    Atheros also (5212 or 5213 as far as i know)

  • Just update, without changing any settings. This was my second update to 1.2.3:

    1.2.1 -> 1.2.3 (20090125-0939) -> 1.2.3 (20090130-1630)

    Btw. I think your numbers are good. With previous snapshot i get 10x more errors than packets. Interesting thing is that more errors come when the communication was idle…

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