PfSense on Virtual PC 2007

  • I want to be able to evaluate pfSense without having to build a device for it.  So, I'd like to install pfSense under Virtual PC 2007, not VMWare (I don't want to have to pay for VMWare).

    Has anyone been able to do this?  I tried it and it gets through the whole install, but when it reboots to the HD the first time, it can't read the file system, and it asks me for the location of /bin/sh.

    Then when I tried to boot it this morning to get the that it's having trouble with, It now has an unrecoverable processor error.

    Thus, it seems riddled with problems, and I'd like to know if I'm just wasting my time, or if anyone actually has gotten this working….

  • Which version of pfSense?

  • @chris9000:

    I don't want to have to pay for VMWare

    Which version of VMware don't you want to pay for?

    The free vmware player?
    The free vmware server?
    The free vmware esxi?

  • 1.2x installs fine under vpc 2007

    Just create a vm with 2 ore more nic, connect the ISO image as a cd rom boot, and install to the hard disk. Disconnect the ISO, reboot the vm. That's it.

  • I'm trying to install pfSense 1.2.3 on a Virtual PC 2007 virtual machine.
    After formating the disk and skipping the partitioning screens, I always get this error:

    /sbin/newfs /dev/ad0s1a
    FAILED with a return code of 38

    Could anyone help me on this please.

  • you have to partition the disk so that it can build the operating system.

  • I got a same problem,I try to setup pfsense  ver 1.2 ISO,ver 2.0 alpha ISO,I cann't resolve .
    At last, I have to setup ver 1.2 Embedded,:
    1.I built one virturl XP system, add one virturl harddriver (500M)  named "pfdriver" as the second harddriver, use physdiskwrite.exe to write into pfdriver.
    2.I built one virturl machine, named pfsenseMachine, it have 130M memory,"pfdriver"  harddriver.
    3. I added one COM pipe,named:\.\pipe\pfs
    4.used Putty.exe, set COM name as "\.\pipe\pfs",speed as "9600"
    5.Power on pfsenseMachine, open Putty dialog.

    That's all. if any people have any way to resolve the problem about PFS ISO setup in VPC , please tell me. Thanks.

  • pfSense 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 won't install on Windows 7 Virtual PC, either.  Can't even pass disk format and disk partition part.

    Will try earlier version later.

    Both installed fine under VMware Workstation, however.

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