Step By Step Configuration

  • I search on Internet for step by step configuration of PfBoclkerNG , I found some but not on detail , can anybody explain

    1. Step By Step configuration in server side
    2. Client Side configuration if need

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you have to ask for this - you prob shouldn't be using it ;)

    Step by Step for what specific scenario exactly? The package is very powerful and very flexible... And also very easy to shoot yourself in the foot with.

    What are you hoping to accomplish exactly? Other than follow some follow the bouncing ball guide that gets you what?? What happens after you have followed the bouncing ball? China can not hit your port forwards? Your clients can not talk to IPs in Korea? You clients have ads blocked?

  • My requirements are.

    1. i want to block "Social Media" and some other categories to one group name "Internet_Basic"
    2. Open all website to group "Internet_Full"

    i need rules in firewall and any client side confs in DNS or browser etc

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Not sure where you got the idea that pfblocker would be the correct tool for blocking users from accessing social media, and allowing others.

    That would be better done with a proxy and categories..

    Sure you can use the pfblocker dnsbl to block domains... But there is no drop down list that says this social media site, that one, this one.. Allow X but block Y, etc.

    These different sites use many many IPs multiple domain names and different CDNs to host their content.. Do you have specific block lists already in mind that your wanting to use with pfblocker?

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