Alerts filter only seems to only work on displayed entries

  • As I was searching for a cause of a broken app I tried to search the alerts by IP and received no entries. Only when I changed the displayed lines to a large number did the alerts filter work.

    Is this the intended mode of operations vs being able to go back in time past the displayed DNSBL blocked entries?

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    Which version of pfBlockerNG? Try "Devel".

  • I'm still ramping up on the learning curve with the UI.

    I know how to select devel versions of the pfsense release but not how to choose devel versions of packages. e.g. I don't know how I'd install a module update other than via the cli but wonder how that would affect the general install by bypassing the regular distribution channel.

  • pfBlockerNG-devel 2.2.1 is available on the latest pfsense versions.
    You have to uninstall pfBlockerNG 2.1.2_3 before. Keep a copy of your config.xml before uninstalling in the event something breaks.

  • @ronpfs I upgraded my base install to the dev version but the package manger isn't showing a newer pfblockerNG it's still at 2.1.2_4

  • @ronpfs OK I just figured it out that 2.2.1 is a -devel version and is a separate package, not a stable release upgrade for 2.1.2_3 -- I removed the older version and now running the new version.

  • It may be wishful thinking but my SG-3100 is running much better with lower CPU and RAM utilization across the board now that I'm using the -devel version.

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