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    TNSR is a high-performance, software-based packet processing platform that enables a broad array of secure networking needs - ranging from traditional firewall, VPN, and router applications to more advanced virtualized solutions - to be delivered quickly, easily, and extremely cost-effectively. Leveraging VPP technology from, TNSR can route up to 10 Gbps (14 Mpps) in software running on a single Xeon-class processor core, enabling it to easily saturate a 25 Gbps network connection through select EC2 instances.


    • FREEDOM TO SCALE PERFORMANCE. Up to 25 Gbps throughput per EC2 instance (depending on instance capabilities). Small or large packets. Encrypted or not. A handful of sessions, or thousands of sessions.
    • FREEDOM TO SCALE MANAGEMENT. Managing networking and security functions is complex. Further, each business entity has a unique approach that will best address their needs. Leverage our API-based orchestration across tens, hundreds or thousands of instances.
    • FREEDOM TO ADAPT SERVICES. Routing, firewalls, advanced packet monitoring and inspection, policy enforcement and more. Integrate your own in-house or best-of-breed secure networking software. No hidden charges. No complex licensing schemas.

    Deploy TNSR from AWS Marketplace today!

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