SG-3100 snapshot download

  • I couldn't find a link to download an SG-3100 2.4.4.a snapshot. I'd like to clean install from USB and format the eMMC as ZFS. Will this be available before the 2.4.4 release? The only way I see to download ARM snapshots is through System/Update in pfSense itself. Is there a way to copy the downloaded snapshot from the router to USB over console or SSH? I also didn't see the development snapshots available for download in the Portal. Thanks.

  • Galactic Empire

    There are no development snapshots installers available. Install 2.4.3 stable and then switch to development snapshots from the update settings.

  • And if I was counting on having a 2.4.3-release online config backup and all 100 were overwritten by 2.4.4-development settings changes, I'm up the creek, correct? I would need to restore interface, VLAN and static DHCP settings at a minimum (or reenter them).

  • Galactic Empire

    Since your aim is a 2.4.4 snapshot, why not update to 2.4.4. and then install ACB?

  • It was the part in the "Reinstalling pfSense" instructions that said "Write the image to a USB memstick." My understanding is I have to do a bare metal install in order to format the eMMC as ZFS. For some reason I didn't think to install 2.4.3-release via USB then update via the development branch and restore config via ACB. Thanks.

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