[SOLVED] Unable to open port from OpenVPN

  • Hello,

    I have already an OpenVPN server on pfSense for my remote users, but now I have made an "upgrade" and I am trying to setup a new connection site to site.

    After following pfsense manual for configuration of a site to site with static key (https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/vpn/openvpn/configuring-a-site-to-site-static-key-openvpn-instance.html) at Server side, I made an entrie at WAN rules, from any source to destination at WAN address from port X to X, and at OpenVPN rules, I have created another rule using as source the OpenVPN IPv4 Tunnel Network with destination at any.

    Then I made a test port at the X port, and notice that it was closed, so first I started to check if the OpenVPN service was really, and it was, then I went in OpenVPN logs, and also there was nothing wrong. So I started to think that it could be from the rule at WAN, but I have already checked several times and it is that port that I have set for OpenVPN.

    In system logs I have found two entries about this ovpns2 who is this OpenVPN server, but dont know why it is showing after having all the previous setup in place:

    Jun 15 09:37:05	php-fpm		/rc.newwanip: Interface is disabled, nothing to do.
    Jun 15 09:37:05	php-fpm		/rc.newwanip: rc.newwanip: Info: starting on ovpns2.

    If you need more info just ask please.


    Please check configurations and logs:

    Firewall WAN Rule:
    Firewall OpenVPN Rule:
    OpenVPN Configuration:

  • It was a bad source configuration at my VLAN over WAN, I had WAN instead.

    Thanks anyway!

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