Cron update disconnects internet access and VPN?

  • Hello,

    I'm running openvpn client on my pfSense and noticed that:

    • everytime pfBlocker runs daily update
    • vpn connection stops working
    • interfaces NOT using vpn also lose access to internet
    • restarting openvpn service fixes all the issues (until the next update)

    Seems like the openvpn service doesn't actually go down but DNS resolving no longer works.
    Any ideas?

  • Moderator

    Check to see if the your VPN IPs are in a Feed and being blocked. Review the Alerts Tab.
    You can also try without the "State Killing" feature. Any IPs removed will also show in the pfblockerng.log

  • @BBcan17

    Thank you for the answer BBcan17. I found VPN IP (xx.xx.xx.0/24) in 2 feeds. One was my own so that's easily removed. Second one is in "/var/db/aliastables/pfB_Europe_v4.txt".

    I guess the best way would be to add that that address to whitelist, correct? With 'Permit Outbound'?

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  • Moderator

    Yes make a Permit Outbound Alias and add the IPs to the customlist and ensure that this Permit rule is above the other block rules.

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