How to remove warning message

  • Hi all,

    pfSense Version 2.4.3 with OpenVPN Client setup to the VPN Provider.

    I'm getting the following warning message in the OpenVPN logs every hour:

    Jun 17 06:39:53 	openvpn 	5178 	WARNING: 'keydir' is present in remote config but missing in local config, remote='keydir 0' 

    I have searched the web and not been able to find a solution on how I can remove it. Even the man pages don't have a lot of information on keydir.

    Any help appreciated.



  • i have this message as well.

    although my pfsense box works reliably 100% of the time. i am curious what this comes from

  • 'keydir' in the log refers to the directive --key-direction of the tls-auth key. The server has key-direction 0 and the client(s) key-direction 1

    Did you get a tls-auth key from the provider or not?
    If so set key-direction 1.
    If NCP is used you can probably ignore the warning, don't know, no full
    log provided...

  • i've been trying to post my verb 3 logs but it keeps getting tagged as spam0_1538310511942_New Text Document (2).txt

  • i removed key-direction 1 from my config and its gone.

    i guess the provider does not support this functionality

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