deleted threads?

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    So a poster can now just delete an entire thread and all posts in that thread are gone? There were 3 different threads in the new L2/Vlan area - just says deleted, the 1 thread had over 21 posts in it.

    Does that seem ok that someone can remove my content, just because it was in a thread they started?

    I quite often spend some time on a post, screenshots, etc. These could be useful to the next guy having the same question, etc.

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    I'm pretty sure that was also possible on previous forum as well. What threads were removed, do you remember topics?

    Thread named "consulting" is with 21 posts and the one you're talking about probably?

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    Maybe it was possible.. I don't recall. Maybe before when they were deleted they were just gone vs leaving behind a post that just says deleted, and lists how many views and posts where in the previous thread.

    They are 3 threads by ravegen in the L2/Switching/Vlan section. The longer one I thought was related to vlans and a dumb switch..

    Its not a big issue to be sure, and I do feel that posters should be able to delete their content sure. But when you take time to put together info to help the next guy not just the OP.. And then the OP can just make it gone, it hurts the next guy searching for such a topic.

    I post in so many threads, sometimes they blend together ;) So not sure exactly what the topics were.. But there was a thread for sure on a common topic that comes up about dumb switches and vlans, etc

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    I hear ya, makes sense. I'll talk with our team internally about this, perhaps we could require approval for thread deletion (just thinking out loud).

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    Thanks - don't put all too much effort into it. But you could have a very good thread with lots of info, and the OP gets ticked or something and just deletes the whole thing and now everyone looses.

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    Also - maybe something that says who deleted it... I could see some topic that gets a bit heated, and then the OP deletes it and the community might think it got deleted by the mods, etc.

    I recall that one thread where that happened, but you put it back... So your right it was possible before..

  • @ivor
    The old forum didn't allow to delete the first message in a thread when there were responses.
    As mod it was possible to delete the whole thread, but no the message itself.

    I encountered this regularly when deleting spam threads where someone decided to respond to the spammer.

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    Yeah that makes more sense - since the thread I am talking about, the poster just deleted their posts not the thread. But then ivor put their posts back.

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    Yeah it seems users can delete whole threads, and anything you post in that thread gets deleted..

    I wouldn't spend much time on responses with such a model.. Since OP can just delete all of your information.


    Just posted a thread in virt section asking about span ports in workstation. Told them not related to pfsense and better luck asking on workstation forums. Or google and then sent them to a link to how to work around the lack of span ports in workstation with netcat.

    Now the whole thread is gone because this user got his info, or didn't like the answer? What about the next guy... While I agree users should be able to delete their own content.. Users shouldn't have the right to delete my content - he is not a mod..

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    This should be fixed now. They could delete them but not purge, I switched that so it can't be deleted now. If someone wants to remove a thread they can flag the post and ask a mod.

  • Any chance that has something to do with not being able to edit a posted reply?

    Just posted a response in the "Messages from..." forum and noticed a small typo.
    I can't seem to find the "edit message" button, used to be under the triple dots beside the upvote icon.

    Is it just me or did something change?

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    The edit is still there..

    Here this is a TYPO!!

    Pretend I fixed that typo


    Edit still there.

  • Yup, today it's back.
    When I posted yesterday only "Bookmark" showed up, no "Edit".


    AHAH! - the issue (for me) seems to be in the "Messages from the pfSense team" forum.
    I posted :A message Reply
    and noticed there was no option for edit allowed.

    I made the addendum via an after post edit, so yes it works - sometimes.

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    Its quite possible different sections might have different permissions set. This was the case with upload of files.. While you could upload images, the attach file link was not showing. I believe it was a thread with jimp that got that permission setting corrected.

    Could be the same sort of thing, or its possible they don't want users to be able to edit in that section? Maybe @jimp or @ivor could shed some light to that being an on purpose thing or just one of those things that got overlooked in the conversion.

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    The privileges are per-category so it's possible there are restrictions in some places and not others. I haven't touched anything in there since I disabled deleting threads though, so it would have to be a category-specific permission that prevents editing.

    And yep, the "messages from the pfSense team" board does have a bunch of permissions disabled since only admins/mods can create new posts in it.

  • Makes sense, although if I'm allowed to post in a section, I would expect to be able to edit my posts?

    NBD, just my $.02

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    Yeah prob - I took it from jimp answer that prob just some tweaking that needs to be done because that sections permissions are different.

    I would think being able to edit your reply should be allowed yes.

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