Can't sign CSR using PfSense in latest snapshot

  • I have a CSR from a device, and PfSense wont sign it for me no matter what I do. I enter all the information, hit add, and nothing shows up on the Certificates page.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Signing works OK here for me. Are you certain you have chosen a valid CA to sign with?

  • Yeah because after I do it ten or so times it will generate the server certificate for me. The only field I'm leaving blank is the private key because this device doesnt generate one.

    It's weird, I've generated other certificates without issue, using the pfsense box. This is the first time I've tried doing a certificate request and use the box to sign it. I'm also using SHA384 if that matters at all.

  • Maybe its just this specific request. It seems to work if i take the key and paste it into notepad, and then copy it into the key box on pfsense. It doesnt like it when i copy it from the webpage to pfsense, it wont generate the cert. Maybe theres a formatting error that is being removed when it goes into notepad...

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