HAProxy 1.7.10 - Intermittent 504 Errors

  • Ever since upgrading to HAProxy 1.7.10 I've been experiencing 504 timeout errors. They happen instantaneously, it's not actually reaching the timeout (which I have set at 60 seconds). No changes in configuration after upgrading and am seeing this same behavior in a new from scratch pfSense/HAProxy build out.

    Seems it was a known issue in 1.7.10: https://discourse.haproxy.org/t/intermittent-504-errors-and-sr-after-upgrade-to-1-7-10/2029/20

    Can we please get a 1.7.9 package or move forward to 1.7.11?

  • Same problem which causes a lot of problems for me. 1.7.11 is not exactly a new thing and it does solve a lot of problems. If not get at least an image with the 1.7.10 patch which does exists. Please look at the mentioned discussion thread for info. The only way to compensate for this on the current version is to increase the time connections are kept and that is not an sustainable model...

  • I think I have cracked this. What you do is to upgrade in the package manager:

    haproxy net 0.59_4 The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP(S) Load Balancer.
    This package implements the TCP, HTTP and HTTPS balancing features from haproxy.
    Supports ACLs for smart backend switching.

    That seems to pull the HAProxy 1.7.11 as an dependency at least it now claims to be running 1.7.11 and the first tests looks reassuring.

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