Certain Websites not working on VLAN - Working fine on LAN

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm very new to networking and I'm having an issue with certain websites not loading on my VLANS (https://mail.yahoo.com/ https://community.spiceworks.com/), a couple of them load slowly without any .CSS styling (http://community.ubnt.com), and others work perfectly fine.

    On my LAN network all these websites work fine.

    I can ping these websites on VLANS fine just get an ERR_TIMED_OUT error.
    I tried reducing the MTU but it makes no change.

    I also have whole network PIA VPN configured but disabled, when its enabled on the VLAN these websites work fine.

    Here is my Firewall rules on VLAN10


    Automatic Outbound NAT rules enabled

    Trace route for community.spiceworks.com

    PFSense is installed Virtually on XCP-NG on a dell r710 if it makes a difference.
    I have no packages snort, etc. installed
    PF Sense Version 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1

    Any input from experienced user would be greatly appreciated.

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