PFSense OpenVPN client issues

  • Hello,
    I have set up an OpenVPN Tunnel from PFSense to an OpenVPN Access Server following this article: Now my problem is that when the TUN interface from OpenVPN is up, all my colleagues connected via Citrix from the Internet (yes, this is a NAT/Firewall rule for Citrix) lose their connectivity.
    What I don't understand is that the OpenVPN interface is not a gateway or does not have any specific firewall rules.
    Once I stop the OpenVPN connection, everything comes back to normal.

    Could someone give me some clues / pointers ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The server may be pushing you a new default route, causing your other traffic to attempt to use the VPN instead of your WAN. On the pfSense client side, check Don't pull routes in the OpenVPN client settings. Then manually add any networks you want to send across the VPN in the IPv4/6 Remote network(s) boxes.

  • Thanks a lot Jim. That worked !!!

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