OpenVPN Client cant ping OpenVPN Server

  • Hello Experts,
    I am pretty new in pfsense and OpenVPN.

    I have hosted pfsense in Hyper-V on Windows 10. OpenVPN server is configured.
    I have also three clients configured in the server. All the clients are connected to the server.
    Client 1:
    Client 2:
    Client 3:

    Client 1 is connected to LAN
    Client 2 is connected to LAN
    Client 3 is a PC

    From Server i am able to Ping,,,,

    But from client1, client 2 and client 3 i cannot ping the server nor the other clients.
    Could you please help me to fix this.
    I have disabled firewall in my PC.

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  • Is there a firewall rule on the OpenVPN interface which allow the access?

    For communication between clients check "Inter-client communication" in the server settings.

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