Captive Portal + freeRadius 3 + MySQL (PFSense 2.4.3)

  • Hello,
    I would like to request your assistance in the following case:
    I mounted a Captive Portal using PFSense + FreeRADIUS 3 + MySQL and it works fine.
    I would like to know:

    1. How do I make each account expire in 20 days after first use (directly or by group);
    2. How do I create a group of accounts, which, for example, can use a Down and Up speed of 8 Mbps and another group with a different speed.
      I've tried using [Acct-Input-Octets], [Acct-Output-Octets], [WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down],[WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up] and I can not get any results.
      Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Has anyone here ever had this need? Can anybody help me ?

  • Hi,

    There is no "click here and click there and FreeRadius is running for you" how-to.

    Actually, just install it, and you'll be good. But you'll be having a FreeRadius without settings,, thus useless.

    Radius is a concept that is used a million time per second on the Internet, very comparable with, for example, a web server. But, as half the planet knows by now how to install and use a web server, only little is known about (Free)Radius authentication service. Still, Google knows all about the small steps, but a "solution for you" doesn't probably exist.
    All depends your needs, and implementing these needs with the correct settings.

    I advice you :
    To use the FreeRadius docs
    If you want to use a 'real' data base server, do not try to install MySQL or MariaDB on pfSense. Run the data base server on a dedicated system your your LAN - or, why not, else where. Live will be much easier. From what I understood, a database isn't actually needed.

    Btw : I'm using FreeRadius to handle my captive portal users. I'm not strictly needing it, the build-in User manager did just fine for years for me. I'm using FreeRadius for for educational reasons. I had to learn to understand what FreeRadius is, and what it does. After that step, setting it up and using it is becomes easy. Many are using FreeRadius for more serious solutions.

  • My dear friend, thank you for answering,
    I really need to use MySQL together with Freeradius because it's an integration. I already consulted the manual of, I already researched on google. I really have not found the solution and so I'm here to ask for your help.
    My question is not about how to configure Freeradius with PFSense, but what attributes PFSense means for quota and expire accounts.


  • I never made eperiences with expiration - but I "quotas", yes, they are used for all of my acounts :
    (the image is part of the FreeRADIUS => Users => Edit => Users page.)

    This is an example of an account : after 1 Giga byte the client is thrown of the portal .... (and this works sooooo well !!)
    As shown, the quota is reset (every day at noon for me).

    I also limit upload download to 2 Mbits .... works well also.

  • Thank you my friend,
    In my case the accounts are stored in the MySQL database and for each group there is a different bandwidth. I'm really in need of the attributes that will tell PFSense to slow down the accounts for same groups.

  • @Gertjan Could you tell me what this screenshot is from?

  • @curvian said in Captive Portal + freeRadius 3 + MySQL (PFSense 2.4.3):

    @Gertjan Could you tell me what this screenshot is from?

    Yes :

    @Gertjan said in Captive Portal + freeRadius 3 + MySQL (PFSense 2.4.3):

    (the image is part of the FreeRADIUS => Users => Edit => Users page.)

    Maybe I should add : pfSense, when added the FreeRadius package

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