Guide to setup Wireless in PfSense

  • Hi I'm trying to setup PfSense box as a wireless access point.  I have one wireless card and one NIC that requires cable.  Under interfaces my WAN option has the Wireless connection options, so I assume thats my wireless network card using WAN.  The LAN,  only has IP Configuration and FTP Helper.  So I go into my WAN section and I setup the Wireless options, the Mode is on Access Point, I named my SSID and I have WPA protection.  I cant seem to see my network that I made.  Is there something I'm doing wrong or is there a guide someone can provide me to setup this up from scratch?  Anyone?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Go to interfaces > assign > make sure you have your wireless adapter there with a mac code
    so it should look similar to this 00:22:34🇩🇪53:3d - ath0

    Also, ensure it is ENABLED and broadcast essid is also ENABLED

  • Normally the firewall is initialised to prevent access from WAN (your wireless network) to LAN. If you want to retain that configuration you'll have to write firewall rules to allow access from WAN to LAN OR initiate your tests from LAN.

    If you are new to pfSense you may find it easier to add another NIC to your box, use it for WAN, make the wireless NIC OPT1 and bridge OPT1 with LAN. This is a more "usual" type of configuration and there is a tutorial for that configuration - see the pfSense docs page at and click on the Tutorials link and look for the link to add a WiFi interface.

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