• Hello,
    I am currently migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This is similar to AWS, Azure, etc. except that there is no official pfSense virtual system offered there (I use pfSense on Netgate appliances at home and at work and I really do love the system).

    Has anyone managed to successfully deploy pfSense to the OCI recently? They have made some changes compared to a year ago which is the last mention I saw around deploying pfSense to the OCI (for example, one can now access a serial terminal session to a vm). I would appreciate advice around what steps are needed to properly deploy pfSense into OCI.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Were you able to install PF on OCI?

  • I have not attempted this yet. I never heard from anyone. I have submitted requests to the pfSense team to ask if they would officially offer one but I was told that it was not currently planned. I am sure that I could get it working as you can connect to the instance at OCI via a serial connection which is needed for the installation. I'd prefer to have an officially supported one which I could receive support for and would pay (just as I currently do for the physical deployment which my company uses).
    The support from Netgate for pfSense is actually really good. They really know their stuff and responded quickly. I wish I had this quality of support from other vendors. It's money well spent.