WebGUI performance issues with install of 1.2 on WRAP

  • Hi all,

    I have a WRAP running pfSense 1.0b4 in production at the moment, which has been running very happily for a couple of years now, but I figure it's time I upgraded it to 1.2. I also have a second WRAP for testing purposes. I've flashed that spare WRAP with a copy of pfSense 1.2.2, and installed a copy of the config file from my production router, and it seems generally fine, but the web interface is terribly slow compared to my production WRAP.

    For instance, loading the firewall rules page takes about 2 seconds on my 1.0b4 WRAP, but on my 1.2.2 WRAP, it takes more than 10 seconds all up. During that time, running top via SSH shows high CPU load, especially under the "system" and "interrupt" headings at the top. Disabling HTTPS makes a significant difference, but HTTP on 1.2.2 still seems slower than HTTPS on 1.0.

    Is this kind of slow-down expected? I haven't tested the router's throughput when it's not running web pages, so perhaps it's only the web UI that's slowed down, and in that case it's no big deal, but I thought it best to ask anyway before putting it in to production. Thanks for your help!

  • I had a similor problem.

    Wheni was using 1.2 it worked fast. Upgrading to 1.2.1 made the cpu sit at 80-90% .. and made the gui slow.

    When i upgraded to 1.2.2 the cpu sits at 3-10%. Works great now.

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