Squid - AD user is denied from edit config files

  • Hello Guys,

    I have just installed my PfSense:
    2.4.3-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Mar 26 18:02:04 CDT 2018

    I want to use it solely as proxy server. I have installed squid package and configured it. Everything works good when I configure it as built-in user (e.g. default admin). I have connected PfSense to my domian and configured extra group with full access to web console etc. But when I login to web console as my domain admin user, I can see all settings but I cannot change them. Shell output says:

    Message from syslogd@NZ2ZSVPRX01 at Jun 25 19:51:17 ...
    NZ2ZSVPRX01 php-fpm[312]: Save config permission denied by the 'User - Config: Deny Config Write' permission for user 'andrzejk1'.

    Any idea how to grant AD users permissions to change config files on the system level ?

  • Guys, seems like it's my stupid fault... I selected all available permissions where one is explicity "User - Config: Deny Config Write"... I have removed this rule and now all is good.

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