Routing openvpn clients between two networks

  • Hi.

    I have two networks A: and B: linked with a site to site openvpn connection, and everything works ok. You can reach from both networks the other network. The pfsense on network A works as the server, and the pfsense on network B works as client. The virtual networks is

    But I've created a new openvpn server on network B, and the clients connected can't reach network A. The virtual pool at the openvpn server is

    I'm not sure if I need to add a static route or what. Any ideas?


  • You have to add the network information to the servers for adding needed routes.

    On the client access server on B add to the "Remote Networks".
    On A site add the access servers tunnel network ( to the "Remote Networks" in the site-to-site server settings.

  • Thanks viragomann.

    I've forgot to add on the site-to-site server.

    It works now, thanks!!