[HAPROXY] Links rewriting

  • Hello,

    I'm reverse proxying web app such as :

    My problem is with my backend servers. Web servers (nginx, apache) don't know my domain and web apps root are not app1, app2, app3, ...
    So, I've got links in my web apps which are not mapping the domain (https://mydomain/app1/)

    To be clear I need the haproxy equivalent directive of Apache ProxyHTMLURLMap.


  • Why not use subdomains? app1.mydomain app2.mydomain and use haproxy to send those to the correct webserver? Sounds like a way simpler approach?

    As for rewriting the 'body' of a request or response, thats something that haproxy does not support (yet). Though with lua scripting there are some options to try and implement such a thing yourself, probably wont be easy though..

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