pfSense in Azure (single NIC) IPSec NAT traffic

  • I need to setup a site-to-site VPN endpoint that will terminate at a location, and then be able to use that location's internet connection. The configuration I have today is

    site a - LAN, WAN X.X.X.X
    site b - LAN, WAN Y.Y.Y.Y

    today site a routes all it's traffic to site b, and it get's NAT'd out on that side, this works.

    Now the new setup

    site c (Azure) - WAN Z.Z.Z.Z

    I tried to setup the same in Azure, but when you setup the VM following the instructions, there's only a single NIC, and it won't NAT the traffic from site a even if I go in and create a NAT rule (it just sends it out untouched).

    What I'm curious is if this is possible, or if I have to have a second interface (LAN) like I do currently at site b to make this work.

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