Route single LAN IP outside VPN (Gaming PC)?

  • Hello,
    New user here.
    I have been setting up my pfsense box for the last day or so.
    I have added PIA into the PFsense settings and it is all working well.
    What I would like to do is not have my Gaming PC to automatically route through the PIA vpn.
    Is there a way to provide my Gaming PC direct WAN access without it automatically tunnelled through the VPN? I'm cool with all other devices going through the VPN just don't want associated extra ping introduced when using the VPN for gaming.
    I have already set the device up with a static LAN ip address.
    Thanks for the help

  • Add a firewall rule to the top of your LAN rule set directing outbound traffic from the gaming PC to the WAN gateway.
    The rule may look like that:
    interface: LAN
    source: gaming pc IP
    source port: any
    Destination: "invert match" checked, "LAN net"
    Destination Port Range: any
    Open the advanced options, go down to gateway and select the WANGW

    If you have multiple internal subnets you want access from that PC, add all to an alias and use this one at destination instead of LAN net.

  • Thanks for the help.
    With this and a guide i found on the forums here after a bit of searching i have been able to accomplish what i was after.
    Cheers.👍 👍

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